Email Disasters!!!

I have had many, many, many email disasters.  Nowadays I check and double-check my work.  But no matter how hard I try, I find that sometimes I just get lazy.  So I’ve come up with a solution to my problem.  I made a list of all the mistakes I have made in the corporate world and it’s posted in front of my computer to remind me to check before sending it off.  I hope this helps 🙂

Replying to “all” unintentionally – Always be careful when replying to an email that if you are not the only person who was included in the original email, that when replying, if you are only wanting to reply to the sender and not everybody else that was included in the email, that you press “reply” and NOT “reply to all”. Should you be including information in the email that is meant only for the sender, and you press reply to all, everybody who was involved in the original email is going to see your response, and it can be embarrassing and damaging, depending on what information you have in the email. Always check your To: and Bcc: fields before pressing the send button. Mistakes like this, have been known to cost people their jobs.

Sending an email to the wrong person – This can be disastrous for obvious reasons. Remember once you have sent the email, you cannot get it back, so before pressing the send button, always ensure you are sending it to the right person.

Never email in temper – If you are angry or somebody has pressed your buttons the wrong way, always give yourself time to calm down before responding. If you feel really strongly about what needs to be said, then type up the email and save it, but do not send it until you have calmed down. Once you press that send button it is too late to take it back, and having emails that you may later regret having sent, floating around, is never a good thing.

Not reading all the way to the bottom of the email before replying – Remember that when you reply to an email, or forward it to somebody else, there can be other emails in the string, and when you start to copy new people into the email, they can scroll down and read all the previous correspondence, which may include information that was not meant for their eyes. So always ensure you read all the way to the bottom of the email, before responding, or forwarding the email onto others.

Not proof reading your emails – In an effort to get an email out quickly, it is easy to press the send button, without proof reading the email first. Unnecessary grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can create a bad impression, so always check your emails first before sending.Forgetting the attachment – this happens so often. It is so easy to write up your message, enter the receipt details, and then click the send button, before attaching the attachment. Should this happen, it’s not the end of the world, but can be embarrassing, to have to send a follow up message with the appropriate attachment. So always check first, before pressing the send button.

Sending the wrong attachment – this can be embarrassing and also dangerous, especially if you have information that is confidential. Always check the attachment first, and ensure that it is the right one, before pressing that send button.

Forgetting your manners – When starting a conversation with a person face to face, we very seldom launch into what we have to say, without greeting the person and showing a bit of courtesy. The same should apply when emailing. A simple hello, or asking after the person is always courteous. Also keep in mind that when emailing, what you say, can come across differently as to how you meant it, as we have no expressions, or gestures etc when emailing, so it can come across badly. For this reason, always check how you have worded your email first, before pressing the send button, to avoid confusion and what you are saying being taken the wrong way.

The bottom line is that we are all only human and are going to make mistakes from time to time, but in order to avoid some dangerous or embarrassing mistakes, be careful of what you send out in email!!

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