Teach Senior Citizens to Use a Computer

Many times a year, my aunt calls me from Texas to ask me how to do various things on her computer. We spend hours on the phone surfing the net, sending emails, organizing files/photos, etc…  Also, I find that a few of my “senior” customers are quite apprehensive about learning new technology…so, while searching this morning, I found an interesting article that may be of some help to someone out there: http://www.ehow.com/how_2100473_teach-senior-citizens-use-computer.html .

I think this article is an excellent resource for almost anyone who needs or wants to learn about computers. Make sure you exercise patience and tolerance when assisting your pupil. Make the lessons fun and simple. As time goes on, you and your student will enjoy surfing the net, chatting, “Tweeting” and blogging…who knows, maybe your senior will create a blog specifically for SENIORS.

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