Wordpress Update Nightmare

Over the last two weeks I have endured just about every frustrating issue imaginable in WordPress.  One of my clients decided to change themes in his wordpress blog.  I said to him, “Sure, no problem, I know the exact theme that would be great for what it is you are trying to accomplish”!  Upon FTP’ing
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Wet Smartphone Fix

Many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we have either accidentally dropped our cell phone, cordless phone, Bluetooth or other electronic device in water! Some cases have even resulted in a complete submersion in water, i.e., a swimming pool, dishwater, bathtub or (heaven forbid) the toilet…… Well Tekknowgerl has had similar issues and
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Cell Phone Tracking

Technology has changed, remember when it only took 3 minutes for Columbo and his counterparts to trace a call for that “kidnapped” victim?,  and in movies they were always just a few seconds short of identifying where the call originated?, well today if you’re on the phone for 3 minutes they can tap you on
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