Cell Phone Tracking

Technology has changed, remember when it only took 3 minutes for Columbo and his counterparts to trace a call for that “kidnapped” victim?, ¬†and in movies they were always just a few seconds short of identifying where the call originated?, well today if you’re on the phone for 3 minutes they can tap you on the shoulder¬†because today it takes under 10 seconds to trace a call..(sorry to ruin the criminal drama…)

Every cell phone is tracked by carriers and every smartphone does it also. How else could Apple 2 years ago tell you where your iPhone was when you lost it and show you a map online.. (using their mobileme service) I think too many people took that “It’s Magical!” marketing term a bit too literally.

Android does it also but they don’t store the whole thing on the phone they upload it to their servers when you go to their stores.

Is it really safe on their servers?
Maybe we should ask Sony (PlayStation Network Security Group) they got hacked and lost almost everything (usernames, passwords, security question answers and credit card information, except the credit card pin) putting hundreds of thousands of users at risk. (Many parents put their information in for their kids…)
The credit card pin was safe because Sony didn’t store it.

But you even have to watch the “FREE” applications you use on your phones for example:

Pandora is one of the most friendly social applications on all smart phones:
– They transmit your username, password, sex, age and more to advertisers..(be sure to thank them for that)
With all that said Apple did screw up when they said the iphone did not track your location when you turned the services off,
because it still did the tracking, a bug? maybe.. (at least that’s what Apple claims, and it will be fixed shortly they say.)

But if you can sue Apple for software bugs, Microsoft better watch out..(Rumor: Bill Gates is probably writing a big check to the Apple legal defense fund as you read this.. )


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