Wet Smartphone Fix

Many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we have either accidentally dropped our cell phone, cordless phone, Bluetooth or other


electronic device in water! Some cases have even resulted in a complete submersion in water, i.e., a swimming pool, dishwater, bathtub or (heaven forbid) the toilet……

Well Tekknowgerl has had similar issues and I have found a trick that you can try right at home.  You only need to have some uncooked rice on hand and about 24 hours to allow the trick to work.
IMMEDIATELY TURN THE DEVICE OFF! DO NOT MANIPULATE THE DEVICE by recharging or switching off and on. Do not try to operate in any way. You don’t want to short circuit your device. Simply remove all parts, i.e., batteries, sim card, etc., and place the device and parts that has the water damage in a bowl or zip-lock bag large enough to cover with the uncooked rice. (I prefer a bag, but whatever works for you). Make sure however, if you use a bag, which you suck out all the air possible, once you have covered the device with the rice, (this avoids moisture in the bag). That’s it! Wait 24 hours (approximately) and VOILA! Your device is dry and ready to be used again. Of course, if you notice drops of water, the device should be covered in rice for more time. This tip came in handy from one of my readers and is verified by Tekknowgerl. However, don’t just take my word for it, the internet has solutions and Tekknowgerl believes in sharing the knowledge.

Are you in possession of a wet cellphone? Right here are guidelines to help you fix the wet cell cellphone. These folks don’t often do the job the same each time, but it looks to be the consensus that if you adhere to …

Publish Date: 06/19/2011 8:38

Globalnfo: How to save a wet cell phone?

How to save a wet cell phone? Wet cell phone rescue Did you just drop your cellphone in water? Or maybe you’d like to know what to do if that happens! Here are the first aid techniques for rescuing a drowned smartphone. …

…And Here are some visual tips!

dry-cell-phone-in-riceWet Cell Phone Rescue just by Rice
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