Wordpress Update Nightmare

Over the last two weeks I have endured just about every frustrating issue imaginable in WordPress.  One of my clients decided to change themes in his wordpress blog.  I said to him, “Sure, no problem, I know the exact theme that would be great for what it is you are trying to accomplish”!  Upon FTP’ing the theme, I noticed that he didn’t have the most current version of WordPress, so I decided to update his version of WordPress just to finish up my project (the icing on the cake :)) – much to my surprise, I began getting all sorts of “Parse Errors”, Fatal Errors, and of course the dreaded memory allocation error!  I had not made the backup of his blog…ARGH!!!!  Wordpress was not allowing access to the Admin Panel!  I had to inform the client of the situation and needless to say, he was quite displeased.

WordPress provides us with FREE blog sites, and updates, but the price we pay if you are self-hosted, is unfortunate, to say the least.  I have decided to provide a Tekknowgerl solution in hopes that you won’t have to endure the disastrous position I was in.  Research on the internet gave way to multiple possible “fixes”, but to no avail.  Two of the most common are listed here just as a reference in case you want to troubleshoot by the process of elimination.  Whether you be a novice or a technology wizard, I hope this helps you solve your plight!

What I Tried

Changing Memory Limit Size Via wp-config.php:

A fix for wordpress and “Fatal error: Allowed memory size

You are here: pixeline › Journal › Development › A fix for wordpress and “Fatal error: Allowed memory size”. Journal of a Web Professional in Brussels. A fix for wordpress and “Fatal error: Allowed memory size”

Publish Date: 01/16/2010 5:30


Deactivating Plug-ins:

How to fix wp-ecommerce Fatal error– Out of memory Issues

When installing wp-ecommerce, you may get Fatal error– Out of memory messages. Before you try increasing memory in your php.ini configuration file, deactivate your other WordPress plugins to make sure there are no plugin

Publish Date: 08/02/2011 5:29


 Make Changes to PHP.ini or .htaccess File:



Updating WordPress manually through my FTP client did the job! It’s not complicated, only remember not to over-write your wp-content or wp-config files. Upload them a few at a time being mindful of the two most important files and PRESTO, you have access to your blog as well as your admin page to fix up your mistakes and are able to BACKUP your blog.

I can give you more information if you need specific details, feel free to write me if you need additional tips or suggestions.  Happy Blogging!

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