Seniors Aren’t Just Sitting Around…Anymore

A reliable source confirms that 6 Million More Senior Citizens are using the Web than just 10 Years Ago.
I was just thinking about my mother’s best friend the other day.  She mentioned that she had to check her Facebook page and download some music to upload to her IPOD!…

This inspired me to write another article about seniors and the internet.  I can list at least 20 seniors I know who are more active on the internet than what would have been believed just 10 years ago.  I often encounter seniors that are adamant about staying away from computers and the internet but actually, senior_couple-150x150those numbers are dwindling quickly.  They are surfing, blogging, active in forums and starting online business!

People over 65 only make up approximately less than 10%of the active Internet world, however, these numbers are on the rise. In the last ten years, the number of senior citizens actively using the Internet has increased by more than 55%, from 11.3 million active users in November 2004 to 17.5 million in November 2009. Among people 65 and over, the growth of women in the last five years has outpaced the growth of men by 6 percentage points….GO GIRL POWER!

Not only are more people 65 and older heading online, but they are also spending more time on the Internet. Time spent on the web by seniors increased 11%in the last five years, from approximately 52 hours per month in November 2004 to just over 58 hours in 2009.


Of the total population, 13% is represented by the 65 and over crowd and with this increase in online usage.  Based on what they’re doing online, its understandable that they are engaged in a lot of the same activities that dominate individuals of other ages, such as –  e-mail, sharing photos, social networking, checking out the latest news and weather – and it’s worth noting that a good percentage of them are spending time with age-appropriate pursuits such as leisure travel, personal health care and financial concerns.

What are they doing on the Web?
Online visitors 65+ partake in many activities, from e-mail to bill paying. With 88.6 % of seniors, checking personal e-mail was the No. 1 online activity performed in the last 30 days. Viewing or printing online maps and checking the weather online were the second (68.6%) and third (60.1%) most popular online activities, with 68.6 and 60.1 percent, respectively.

The No. 1 online spot for people over 65 in November 2009 was Google Search…10.3 million unique visitors!  Yahoo and Facebook were No. 2 and No. 3, with 8.2 million and 7.9 million visitors, respectively. Interestingly, Facebook, which came in at No. 3, ranked No. 45 just a year ago among sites visited by senior citizens

datingOverall, the number of unique visitors who are 65 or older on social networking and blog sites has increased 53 percent in the last two years alone. 8.2% of all social network and blog visitors are over 65, just 0.1 percentage points less than the number of teenagers who frequent these sites….INTERESTING, I THOUGHT.    I found a few references…

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Shopping, banking, corresponding, DATING and countless other activities are keeping our seniors active and IN-THE-KNOW!  Grandma and Grandpa aren’t just sitting around and watching Bonaza and Matlock on television anymore!  Let’s hear it for the seniors who are making their golden years TECHNOLOGICALLY INCLINED YEARS :)!  Have fun and enjoy….You deserve it!

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