Are Password Changes a waste of time?

Curiosity drives me to answer this question not only for me, but my aunt the retired colonel from the US Army was asking me this just the other day.  I thought it would be good for me to do some investigating to find out if someone out there may have the same burning desire to
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Facebook Likes: What Do I Get Out of it?

My clients ask this very question all the time….I believe this article gives really good information I’ve got a page on Facebook, Tekknowgerl. I can’t say that the page is very successful but I have had some suggestions from people with similar businesses. My recent offer to EVERYONE is if you like my Facebook page,
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SmartPhones & Cell - Phone Scams and Trickery

My editor, Don, recently told me that he wasn’t familiar with SMISHING…..This article is dedicated to you Don  News on Smart Phone Scams!!! Your cellphone alerts you with your favorite tone— a text message or phone call has come in. It has your bank’s name and has some disturbing news.  Something odd  is going on
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