Facebook Likes: What Do I Get Out of it?

My clients ask this very question all the time….I believe this article gives really good information

I’ve got a page on Facebook, Tekknowgerl. I can’t say that the page is very successful but I have had some suggestions from people with similar businesses. My recent offer to EVERYONE is if you like my Facebook page, I offer a free gift! However, Last week I found something on Facebook.

It’s just plain cool:

Pages gone wild, spring break 2011 is a great way to see lots of Facebook Pages, check out what they are doing, maybe make some new business connections or even some friends.

The concept is simple:

list your page
go to other listed pages and like them
let others know you did it
obama-150x150This has led to lots of liking, lots of reciprocating and a nice spike in my Facebook views. More importantly, I’ve got more pages filling my page’s news feed,more excellent content to share and discuss. More possibilities for conversation, which, as you may know, is exactly my definition of social media.

When is a Facebook Like not a Like?

As with all things, not everyone has the same take on the process. There are a few people who only appreciate the Like if it comes from a person, not from a page. That’s odd to me, because only a “person’ can actually like their page…..duh! Maybe they are just number collectors.

For me, the numbers are a side issue. They may be an indicator of how much reach you really have, but they are not my goal, and not a sure sign that my efforts are successful.

If the best conversation-starter you have for me is “please like my page as a person not a page” I think it’s unlikely that we’re about to start an ongoing relationship.

Maybe I’m being a cynic but it’s entirely possible they aren’t just after the increase in numbers. They may not actually know that you can see the pages that have liked your page. Whatever the case, here’s how you can see which Pages have Liked your Facebook Page:

Click on the icon to view Likes
Click See All
Click the People drop down and choose Pages
what likes do for me

Why bother?

As a page you do not have the option to comment on a personal profile or to tag a person who is not also a personal friend. My like of your page from my personal profile does not really give us any greater an opportunity to connect, it simply adds a number to your Like tally and puts your status updates into my feed

In my view, Liking as a Page is much more powerful

It was more powerful until Facebook made more changes! As a page you can comment on a page or tag another page. For instance, I can create status updates that thank the pages that have liked my page, tagging their pages, creating some very nice cross-promotion.

Tag a page in your own status update and the page owner sees it on their profile wall, but can’t reply without either going to your page, or clicking view post. While some may prefer likes, I feel that the more views, and especially the more comments to your page, the better.

Or you can comment on pages. This both adds to the conversation with the other page and gives your page exposure to the fans of that page. Join a discussion as your page and you’ll be seen by all of the people and pages who like that page. They might just pop onto your page to check you out andmaybe even have a conversation.

Not sure what I mean by “tag”? Read this:  How to tag a person or page in your Facebook status

And then there’s the news feed

If you Like the page from your profile, their status updates appear in your news feed between photos of your cousin’s wedding and questions about which soft drink you like better. For some this becomes just that much more noise.
Like the page from your page, and when you’re logged in as your page and you click on your Home menu, the status updates from the pages you have liked populate your page’s news feed. If you’re following a lot of pages that are in your industry, this is an excellent way to aggregate news in your field to read, interact with, and share a few times a day.

These are some pretty strong benefits to using Facebook as your page, and to Liking other pages as your page. I’m sure there are more and would love to hear in the comments if you’ve found any others.

As with everything else in social media there isn’t one right way or one wrong way to do this. We just need to understand the tools and decide what our goals are.

For me, I’d rather have a real conversation page to page, than simply be another number in the likes for a page.

My biggest hope in “liking” Facebook pages is that you all share what Tekknowgerl. com has to offer and learn something from me. My ultimate goal is to be of service and I get that satisfaction from offering tips, suggestions and semi-tutoring.


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