Tekknowgerl is Back, from a Tekknow Hiatus

It’s been several months since I took a blog hiatus. I had gotten bored with it, to a degree, and I was feeling confused about the direction my blog was headed.  Not many clients or work from my mentor, Ken.

I enjoy writing sponsored posts that tell a story that is relevant to Tekknowgerl, but I do not enjoy feeling like a sell-out, or like I’m just doing it for the money. I like being honest about my aunt being a senior and her friends who need help from Tekknowgerl, but things were getting slow and life “showed up”.  Basically, I just felt paralyzed when it came to blogging, and my short break turned into a long hiatus. After I while, I didn’t even miss it anymore.

Well, fast forward to this week… I sat down at the computer to do some basic maintenance on the blog. I got this weird message from WordPress so I figured I’d better check it out and see if something needed updating. It turns out that my site had been hacked from somewhere in Korea, I needed to fix a few things, clean up the dust of abandonment… and somewhere in there, the writing bug bit me, once again.  I’m not sure how I am going to get back into the swing of things, but I figure I’ll start typing and the words will come.

I love this place too much to stay away.

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