Frustration Relief for Seniors

Do you want to learn a little more about computers to keep up technology?  I developed this site for seniors who have a computer but no idea how to get the most out of using the internet.

This site is designed for seniors to get knowledge on computer issues they may encounter.  I consult with seniors that have basic computer needs so they can learn computer software and internet skills that can be used for every day computer tasks.

I have designed this site to have user friendly free tutorials to help you get what you want out of your computer. Over the past few years I have discovered that many people just want to have some basic knowledge of their computer so they can get emailed pictures of their grandchildren, pay bills on the internet, type a letter to a friend, or create a fun calendar or stationery.

I have a passion for computers. I thoroughly enjoyed tutoring and working with seniors and beginner computer users. My aunt needed help and that is how this site came about.

Now I am doing what I am passionate about, and enjoying every minute of it. Enjoy the site and please contact me if you have any question or requests regarding senior citizens and learning (or needing help) about computers.

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